We now have passed a really Cartesian quarter of the hour

We now have passed a really Cartesian quarter of the hour

Returning, then, to my concept, it is initiating theme :::.
Bring care on faith. That is typically said, with even more or considerably less comic inflection, when belief at some dubious impasse is exactly what we are going to least likely to have. If that doesn't just keep in touch to the existential condition where the cinema of the Ridiculous appeared, it does reflect on this absurd condition regarding American state policies that led, through clinging chads in Florida along with a Great The courtroom decision without legal material at all, towards the faith-based initiative of our born-again leader, who recently place some sort of definitive quietus to the residue of the cold war by looking directly into the eyes involving his / her Russian counterpart together with, certainly, seeing into his / her spirit. That any skepticism found in the gaze was allayed by a former real estate agent in the KGB is practically too untamed a good conceit, its disarming uncertainty connected with the global tragedia owed more, perhaps, to the Adam Bond flick than to this cinema of this Absurd. Nevertheless here this would look we still have zero choice: we either take this on faith as well as laugh out loud, laughter redoubling at the believed that it might end up being either/or, whereas in typically the faith-based gumption of often the absurdist theater you may, in minimum, have it the two ways. I say on at least because, in the particula

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